Just remember that there is no single approach that works for everyone. There are effective treatment approaches that can help you quit, so talk to your doctor or a mental health professional if you need more help finding options that will work for you. This treatment works differently https://ecosoberhouse.com/success-story/erics-success-story/ because it helps reduce the amount the drinker ingests. (10)  So, it prevents the person from drinking too much rather than reducing the desire to drink. Some medication-assisted strategies and interventions reduce the physical responses when experiencing alcohol cravings.

Consider setting up a reward chart with things you really want — maybe it’s a dinner out at a new restaurant or a pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing. You could even go all-out and reward yourself with something big with a major milestone like a year alcohol-free — a vacation sounds lovely, for example. Use these tried-and-true tips to quit or reduce your alcohol intake. Joining support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, can offer a sense of community and shared experiences.

Build your own personalized toolkit

You don’t have to leave the house to get support from other people who understand and respect what you’re trying to do. In fact, you can find it online with sites like Sunnyside, which helps you create a customized plan, Tempest, Moderation.org or Ben’s Friends for people who work in the food and beverage industry. “Once you have a sense of how much you’re drinking, it’s helpful to track how many drinks you’re having per day,” says Witkiewitz. “You could use a calendar, journal or any number of tracking apps.” Drink Control Alcohol Tracker or Less are two examples of free tracking apps available on iOS devices.

how to reduce alcohol cravings

Here are the most common factors which feed into that strong urge to drink. People with a parent, grandparent, or other close relative with alcoholism have a higher risk for becoming dependent on alcohol. For many, it may be difficult to maintain low-risk drinking habits. About 50% of people who drink in this group have alcohol use disorder. Sunnyside provides a simple but structured approach to help you drink more mindfully. Discover more energy, restful sleep, and improved wellness with a plan designed to fit your life.

Can medication help with alcohol cravings?

Although the available evidence is mixed or lacking in humans, the following natural supplements, herbs, and vitamins might help curb alcohol cravings (5, 6, 7). Generally, the more alcohol you drink on a regular basis, the longer it takes for cravings to subside. It’s important to note that you may or may not be aware of these external triggers as reasons for your alcohol cravings. As your cravings for alcohol become more manageable, you may decide to try reintroducing situations that previously triggered your temptation to drink. Most people who experience cravings notice a mix of internal and external triggers. The pleasant euphoria you experience when drinking becomes a reward, one that reinforces your desire to drink in certain situations.

These alcohol addiction treatments can curb cravings and make walking away from the situation more manageable. Making the decision to cut back on your drinking, or stop drinking entirely, is a really positive step towards a much healthier lifestyle. However, reducing how to reduce alcohol cravings your alcohol intake can lead to cravings for alcohol. These can be quite intense and powerful, especially if you’re in the early days of your recovery from addiction. Cravings for alcohol can be intense, particularly in the first six months after you quit drinking.

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